My List

A bucket list for college students of things to learn, places to go, and goals to accomplish.

Getting to know new people is hard. Especially since coming to college, I’ve been meeting new people a lot. Sometimes the meetings are random, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “So what’s your major?” (Which is a stressful question because, technically speaking, I don’t have one yet.) Other times I’m forced into awkward conversations by icebreaker activities. What am I supposed to learn about a person by asking their eye color or whether they went to a different state over the summer? Not much. People are more than their majors and eye colors, they’re a tangled mess of hopes and dreams and inhibitions. With that in mind, I’m starting the blog off with my list – a compilation of things I’d like to learn, places I’d like to see, and goals I’d like to accomplish. Hopefully, it’ll help you get to know a little more about me.

Things to Learn:

  • To play piano
  • More languages – Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, ASL
  • How to sail
  • How to do a cartwheel (well!)
  • How to cook a steak
  • To roll my r’s
  • Some form of self-defense
  • How to manage finances
  • How to drive a stick shift
  • How to start a fire
  • How to fly an airplane


Places to Go:

  • Venice, Italy
  • Pretty much anywhere in Norway
  • Paris, France – and attend mass at the Notre Dame cathedral
  • London, England
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Dinosaur, Colorado
  • Starved Rock State Park
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The Shedd Aquarium (in all fairness – I’ve been here before, I just want to go back)
  • Anywhere I can swim in the ocean (I’ve never done that before!)
  • Lake Superior


Goals to Accomplish:

  • Post regularly to the blog
  • Maintain my GPA
  • Get 5,000 pageviews in a day.
  • Get more organized
  • Actually style my hair every day for a week
  • Go vegetarian for a week
  • Keep my plants alive
  • Start running again
  • Make Bronze Tablet (that is – graduate with high honors)
  • Be published somewhere other than my blog
  • Take a cross-country roadtrip


Well, there you go. I’m sure I’ll update this as I accomplish goals and add new ones, so for reference, the last edit was on 11/16/2014. Making this list was a lot of fun, and actually writing down some of my aspirations made me think of even more. Some of these are really long-term, other ones might be accomplished within a few weeks, but getting them written down has been a huge inspiration to go out and get things done. But this isn’t all about me! I’d love to hear some about some of the things you’d like to do. Are any of your ideas on my list, too? Feel free to share anything you’d like, I’m genuinely curious. After all, it is the best way to get to know someone!

Success stories!

  • Get 1,000 pageviews in a month Accomplished by January 14th, 2015 for the month of January (already!)
  • Get 1,000 pageviews in a week Accomplished January 8th-15th, 2015!
  • Get 1,000 pageviews in a day Accomplished January 20th, 2015!
  • Officially declare my major(s) and minor(s) Accomplished… Due to administrative nonsense, I’m not actually sure when.
  • Learn how to code Accomplished over the Spring 2015 semester – thanks, CS 105
  • Learn how the internet actually works Accomplished Fall 2015 semester – thanks, INFO 390
  • I need to do some updates – for example, I have a major and a minor now. Two minors, actually. And, just this week, I accidentally rolled an r while singing in German. Doesn’t count as learned, but it’s the first time I’ve done it, so I’m calling it progress!

  • tiffzny

    Megan! How are these goals doing!!?